November 18, 2009



Dear Friends of Dory Tan,


This letter is in response to the video on youtube put out by Yaphet Kotto, a coloured actor that visited the Greenside's Farm in Marmora several years ago.

While Mr. Kotto was at the farm he brought with him a person to film the events of September 8th, Our Blessed Mother's Birthday.

I am a member of the Ave Maria Padre Pio Prayer Group with Dory Tan.  I have been going to Marmora on First Saturdays and Special Feast Days now for twelve years and I was also present at the Greenside's Farm on September 8th, when Yaphet Kotto was making this film.  I'm not sure why after all these years he has decided to put this out on youtube.

It was very disturbing to me when I watched the vignette of small videos that Mr. Kotto put together as he narrated each one with many lies about Dory.

In one video it shows Dory praying with a woman.  While Dory was praying for this woman she fell over.  Yaphet Kotto then suggests that Dory has staged this by praying over a member of her group.

I can tell you that this woman is not, nor ever was a member of our prayer group.  When Dory prays for someone she has no idea if that person will become slain in the spirit.  That is a personal thing that happens within an individual.

Another thing that Mr. Kotto plays up is that Mrs. Greenside had asked Dory not to light candles at the Tenth Station.  She was afraid of a fire breaking out because of the dry conditions that summer.  He said that Shelagh and Dory were fighting about this.  It is true, Dory was very hurt and disappointed that day that she could not follow the request from Our Blessed Mother to light candles, but she honoured what Mrs. Greenside had asked of her and she did not light the candles.

Dory has been going to the farm in Marmora since 1992 until present time and she has the utmost love and respect for Shelagh and all the Greenside Family.

He also makes reference to the book that Dory was selling back then at the farm.  This book tells the story of how Dory and members of the group began coming to Marmora.  It also contains the early messages given to Dory at the farm from Our Blessed Mother.  Mr. Kotto said that Dory was making a profit off this book.  What he doesn't know is that any proceeds made from selling this book went to the Mission that Dory does in the Philippines, along with her husband Henry and members of her prayer group.  This Mission continues today and Dory never solicits money from anyone.  This Mission is funded by members of her prayer group and many thousands of needy families are provided with food and clothing each year.

Yaphet Kotto also suggests that because Dory was crying when Our Blessed Mother was speaking to her, that Our Blessed Mother has a warning for us that the world is ending.  He has even titled his video; Marmora 2012, The Last Warning. Dory has never given us this kind of message from Our Blessed Mother.

He also said that Dory has so many body guards that people can not get near her, yet in his video it clearly shows people coming up to Dory and Dory hugging them.  There are no body guards.

I have talked to Dory about these videos and she said she is not hurt by this because Jesus and Our Blessed Mother know the truth.  Her only concern is that she does not want people to be confused.  She would like people to know that what Yaphet Kotto is saying about her is not true.  Dory said she will continue to pray for him.

I hope this letter will help clear up any confusion that these videos have caused.


God bless,

Janice Schill