O Mary, Queen of Peace, here I am with my Christian friends... pilgrims of your love, on a spiritual journey towards Marmora, where You invite us.

Fill my heart with the humbleness, the fervour and the love necessary which will allow me to live this day better and in union with you and your Divine Son, Jesus.

I would like to render you homage for your beauty, your greatness and your uncomparable Love for your children. Fill me with the Holy Spirit so that this day will bring me the necessary enlightenment for my daily life. Stay with me, Mary, I don't ask for divine consolations, because I do note deserve them, but the gift of your presence, oh yes! I ask you this. I do not ask you to be witness of extraordinary phenomenons; but I ask you to spiritually grant me these favors which I maske with total abandonment to Your goodness and greatest Motherly generosity... (personal intentions).

I join my prayer to the prayer of all the pilgrims so that, as an army fighting for the greatest glory of God, You will grant us all according to the will of the Father. Amen.

Our Father...

Hail Mary, Queen of Peace of hearts, full of grace... (3 times)

Glory be...

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