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Directions to Marmora

To get to Marmora, I have chosen a point of reference on autoroute 40 (Metropolitain autoroute) located at the intersection of Décarie expressway, exit 66 South. From Décarie, via Highway 40 all the way to the Ontario border, there are 66 kms. And altogether from Décarie to Marmora, there are approximately 420 kms or 260 miles for a total one way trip of about 5 hours.

1) On Highway 40, don't take exit 66 South on your left to Décarie south but veer towards the right in the direction of Ottawa-Hull.

2) Onwards on autoroute 40, you will eventually take exit 32 veering towards your left to Highway 20 west, towards Toronto.

3) Once at the Ontario border, Highway 20 becomes Highway 401 (also known as the MacDonald-Cartier expressway). There are a total of 828 kms from this point east all the way to the end of Highway 401 (Windsor). You however will be leaving Highway 401 at 543 kms at Belleville at which point you will take the exit north onto Highway 62. You will therefore drive a total of 285 kms more on the Ontario stretch to this point at Belleville.

4) On Highway 401, there are 4 service centres having all the amenities such as : gas, food, washrooms. Each has one restaurant or more. The first is located at exit 828 or 827 (only 250 metres from the border) just after a large blue WELCOME TO ONTARIO sign. This centre has a Wendy's, 24 hour service and a Shell gas station. The second station is another 65 kms further on, a 40 minutes drive from the first centre (at 100 kms an hour).

(If you wish, one can stop at Real’s Truck Stop Bainsville ON exit 825 tel. :  613-347-2925 or at the Fifth Wheel Restaurant located at exit 792).

The second centre is located at exit 762. It includes 2 restaurants : a Tim Horton's and a Kentucky Fried Chicken, also a Esso gas station. The third centre is some 84 kms further on or a 50 minutes drive at 100 kms an hour.

This third centre is a little bit before exit 675 and has, in addition to a Esso gas station, two restaurants : a Wendy's and a Tim Horton's. The fourth centre is another 85 kms further down, about 50 minutes away.

This fourth centre is after exit 593 passed under a viaduct and has a McDonald's Restaurant and a Esso gas station.

5) The next exit is 543B which goes north on highway 62 with a 41 kms drive to Madoc, a neighbouring town of Marmora.

6) Once at Madoc, you will turn left on highway no. 7, then drive another 14 kms to get to Greensides Lane, a small private road located on the left hand side of no. 7. To help you find the Greenside's farm (tel. 613-472-3715), look for 2 radio transmission antennas, the first of which is on your right, after the Colonial Inn Motel; the second is on your left near the Greenside's farm (each antenna, is about 100 feet high). On your right at this point you will find a green coloured sign pointing to the Greensides Lane, which is a small partially paved road. On Highway 7, you will pass 2 swamps on both side of the highway and a small bridge over the Moira River. After the bridge, you must slow down substantially to go through the small town of Deloro. You must slow down also so as to see the Greensides Lane sign, otherwise you will miss it. It is located on the left hand side of the Highway 7 near the mail box just past the road railings on both side of the road. Then you will turn left on the little road and slowly proceed as the road is narrow and often can be busy on both sides. If you want to go personally in car or bus you take on GPS the address: 16 Greenside  Lane, Marmora, On K0K 2M0

7) To get to Sacred-Heart of Jesus Church, located on 38, Bursthall Road in Marmora, turn left on Highway 7, drive at least 4 kms before coming to Bursthall Street near the IGA which is on the main street (Highway 7 also known as Matthew Street in Marmora). Mass hours are Saturday at 5:00 PM. and Sunday at 10:30 AM. The pastor is Fr John Gillis (tel. 613-472-2220).

8) To go Sacred-Heart of Mary's Church in Madoc, you must make a right on Highway 7, continue straight on into Madoc to the red light, then make a right onto Russell Street. The Church is located at no. 12 Prince Albert West, on a small hill and behind the Madoc Motel. (tel. 613-473-2380).

9) To go to Church of St. Michaël the Archangel in Belleville, located at 296 Church Street (tel. 613-962-4634), take Highway 7 on the right from Greenside's Road, turn right at the red traffic light in Madoc, proceed on to Highway 62 all the way to the Highway 401 under the viaduc into the town of Belleville, (Highway 62 then becomes North Front Street), veer to the left and take highway 37, then at the first red light turn right on Church Street. Once you reach civic no. 296, you will see a church with an elevated steeple and cross. Masses are at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday evenings and Sundays at : 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. Weekdays, masses are at 8:00 a.m., 12:10 p.m. on Wednesday.

(A Restaurant in Belleville is the CosyGrill at 207A Front St., (tel. 613-962-9015).

10) To go to St. Mary's Cathedral in Kingston, the address is 279 Johnson Street (tel. 613-546-5521), take Highway 401 east to exit 619, there to Montreal Street all the way to Johnson Street. The dark grey steeple is the highest steeple of all in the city. From Marmora, the drive by car is about 1 hour and 40 minutes to the Cathedral. Mass hours are : 5:15 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays at : 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 a.m. and also at 7:30 p.m.

(A Restaurant located in Kingston is the Buffet Uncle Tong at 368 King Street at the corner of Princess Street, (tel. 613-547-2222).

11) Restaurants in the area are:

1)  In Marmora, Odd Cup Cafe, 95 Matthew located some 2 kms west of Greenside's farm, (tel. 613-472-2000). There is a special room here for those who wish to eat in privacy. Meals are served here as in a family with hospitality. If advised in advance, they can prepare for up to 20 persons.

2)  In Marmora, , BOB'S PIZZA & FAMILY RESTAURANT 23 Forsyth Street near of church tel.:  613-472-5500.  This restaurant have 45 seats.

3) in Marmora, Cafe Serendipidy 44 Main tel. :  613-472-1661

4) in Marmora, Darr’s Cafe & Pizzeria, 4 Forsyth Street tel. :  613-472-1216

5) in Marmora, Carriage House 13 Forsyth Street tel. :  613-472-3843

6) in Madoc, Ace Pizzeria & Restaurant18 Durham Street South, Madoc, ON K0K 2K0 tél.: (613) 473-5235 on the route 62 north.  This restaurant have 75 seats.

7) in Madoc, Town & Country Restaurant 18 Durham Street tel. :  613-473-0765

8) à Madoc, Tim Hortons on Highway 7 tel. :  613-473-2622

9) à Madoc, Dino’s Pizza 45 St Lawrence Street East tel. :  613-473-5550

12) MOTEL:

To rent a room in Havelock overnight:

When renting at the Moonlight Motel, 6160 Hwy 7 E., P.O. Box 630, Havelock, Ontario K0L 1Z0
Phone: (705) 778-3332, Fax : (705) 778-3892. You will find 17 units.  The motel can receive 51 persons.  Your Host(s) : Leo and Susan Plouffe.
You can consult a web site:

Marmora also has a KOA camping site located near the town of Deloro, on highway 7.

BELLEVILLE : The Avalon Motel has room for 2 buses and is located a about 30 minutes from Marmora, at 245 North Front Street, south of Highway 401 via Highway 62 (tel. 613-966-6622).

13) To return to Montréal from the farm, turn right on Highway 7, then take 62 south at Madoc towards Belleville. At Highway 401, take the east exit towards Kingston (over the viaduc).

14) Once on east 401, towards Montréal, there are 3 service centres along the way :

The first (5th centre of the day) is at exit 603 (60 kms from point of entry at Highway 62), about 35 minutes up from there. A Tim Horton's and a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants are found there and a Esso gas station.

There is 10 restaurants at exit 617:  Harvey's, Tim Horton, Airby's, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Mr Sub, Pizza Hut, Kentucky, Wendy's, Dairy Queen.

The 2nd centre (the 6th of the day), is located at exit 680 (some 77 kms further), about another 45 minutes drive. You'll find a Wendy's, a Tim Horton's and an Esso gas station there.

The 3rd center (the 7th of the day) is at exit 756 (76 kms up further), about 45 minutes drive. It has a Kentucky Fried Chicken, a Tim Horton's and a Shell gas station.

15) Another 72 kms on 401 are needed to get to the Quebec-Ontario border. For Montréal, take autoroute 20 east or Highway 40 east. For those going on the south shore, take Highway 20 south.

16) You re-enter Montreal by taking Highway 40 east by exit 29 veering to the left, towards Montréal-Mirabel. There are 37 kilometres left to get to your initial departure point on Highway 40, exit 66 South at Décarie.


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