Jesus' and Our Blessed Mother's Messages

To Dory At Home and the Greensides' Farm,

Marmora, Ontario, Canada

Messages During 1995-1996

1995 January 14, Saturday, Freddie and Agnes De Guzman's House

Our Blessed Mother appeared to Dory during a prayer meeting at Freddie & Agnes' house, having promised Dory beforehand that she would do so. During the apparition a raised image of Our Blessed Mother and Her Son Jesus was seen on the wall. It was a very spiritual evening.

1995 January 21, Saturday, Farm - The Second Sign

During this apparition, Dory received confirmation of the second sign...

(While at home during the previous week, Dory had been seeing the Infant Jesus holding a globe in His hands. (There is a statue of St. Joseph holding the Baby Jesus with a globe in His hands, in Dory's room.) During the vision Dory observes Baby Jesus putting the globe down, but did not know what this meant. This happened a few times.)

On this day, Dory did not see Our Blessed Mother. Instead Our Lord talked to her by interior locution. He told Dory what she had seen at home was not a dream, it was real, the world is heavy with sin. Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to spread this sign. Dory says we are to prepare for a warning of a visible sign.

1995 February 11, Saturday, Farm - Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Blessed Mother wants us to have a Rosary, Holy Water, and blessed candles in our vehicules at all times.

1995 February 17, Friday, Farm

At the 10th Station, Dory fell, "resting in the Spirit", and had a tour of Heaven. She was resting only a few minutes, but upon waking, she felt she had been gone a whole year. The purpose of her visit there was to be shown that Heaven is real, and it's beauty defies human description. Upon returning to earth, she could now encourage everyone to give their efforts to get there.

1995 March 05, Sunday, Farm

During this apparition Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to wear a white robe, walk bare foot, and carry a large cross on Easter Saturday, April 15, 1995, (feast of the Passover), to the spot where it will be erected behind the 10th station at the farm.

All Rosaries are specially blessed by Our Most Holy Mother this day, as She asked Dory to ask everyone to hold them up.

Volunteers cleared a path from the 10th station to the spot where the cross will be erected on Easter Saturday; a support for the cross was formed and left ready.

1995 March 11, Saturday, Farm

During this apparition Dory is advised she will be given further instructions on March 25, about what to do on Holy Saturday, April 15.

Our Blessed Mother says many people want to carry the cross on April 15, but She says, "I have chosen you to carry the cross".

Our Blessed Mother advises Dory to cut down the remainder of the tree before Easter weekend; thousands of people will want a piece of the tree.

Dory receives an actual physical hug from Our Blessed Mother.

1995 March 25, Saturday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "My child, on April 15, as you carry the Holy Cross barefooted, wear a white robe. Tell the people to do whole hearted repentance for their sins, and to look at the Holy Cross you are carrying and think what My Son Jesus has done for the world. I, your Mother, and Mother of all, promise the forgiveness of your sins. Have all your Holy Rosaries brought out for My blessings. I love you all My children."

1995 April 01, first Saturday, Farm

Before going to Marmora this day, a friend told Dory he had left a statue of Our Blessed Mother at the Greensides' Farm and told Dory she could have it and do with it as she pleased. While praying the Rosary before making the Stations of the Cross, Our Blessed Mother spoke to Dory interiorly and asked her to go to the 10th Station and get the statue. Dory got up off her knees and grasped the hand of an unknown woman kneeling beside her and took her to the 10th Station. As they walked up the hill, the stranger began to cry tears of joy, and explained to Dory she had prayed that somehow she could be physically close to Dory at some point that day.

Once at the 10th Station, Dory commented on the beauty of the statue, and as she lifted it to carry it back down the hill to the lower level, she was surprised the statue felt much heavier than it appeared. As she neared the lower level, others in the group could see she was struggling with the weight of the statue and offered to help, but Dory wanted to carry it herself.

1995 April 15, Farm

As a result of a misunderstanding, the Greensides did not allow Dory to carry the large cross. Dory was very sad and visibly upset for most of the Way of the Cross this day; however, she carried a smaller crucifix instead, walked barefoot, and wore a white robe.

During the apparition, Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to beg the Greensides to allow the people gathered to venerate and kiss the large wooden cross after the Way of the Cross was completed. This was allowed, and hundreds of people lined up for hours to kiss the large cross.

After most of the people had left the farm, the large cross was carried back behind the 10th station and permanently erected at a location where Our Blessed Mother had previously indicated.

Many saw unusual signs in the sun and in cloud formations this day.

1995 May 20, Saturday, Fe and Leo's House

During a prayer meeting at this location, Dory received a message from Our Blessed Mother to tell us "Her Son is coming soon - prepare yourselves."

Dory saw Padre Pio, and asked for a sign that this was real - she asked for the sound of thunder. An unusually loud and long sound of rolling thunder was subsequently heard, accompanied by light rain.

1995 November 25, Saturday, Farm

During the apparition at the 10th station, Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to tell everyone that She would be very happy if everyone would return to Marmora on December 8. She asked Dory to fast and to consume only water on that day. While Our Blessed Mother was speaking, Dory was suddenly propelled backwards onto her back on the snowy ground, and seemed to be unconscious. I later learned that this is called "resting" in the Spirit. Dory remained in this state for several minutes. When she awoke, Dory revealed the nature of Our Blessed Mother's requests, but could not remember anything else about what had happened to her.

Messages During 1996

1996 January 06, first Saturday at 15:10 hours, Farm

Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "My child, suffering is the way to serve My Son Jesus.  Prepare yourself anytime. I am begging you, pray, pray more. Help and love one another always. I am giving you My blessing. Peace be with you, My child. Peace be with you, My child. Peace be with you, My child."

1996 January 21, Sunday, Home

The Infant Jesus chided to Dory while she was praying the rosary with a prayer group in her home at about 10 p.m., "Why do you not give the oil to the sick people? Are you embarrassed, or are you afraid they will not be healed? Where is your faith?" Our Blessed Mother then appeared to Dory dressed in white, Her heart exposed and bleeding.

On August 16, 1983, a small, clear glass dish, new and never used before, was used for the first time by Dory to offer rice and salt to Santo Nino (Infant Jesus). After this first offering, Dory observed that the bottom inside surface of the dish had been left with an indelible etching of the Infant. At this time the dish began to sparkle and radiate rays of light as if from the sun. While watching this manifestation, Dory began to feel like she was floating on air.

1996 February 01, Thursday, Farm

During this apparition Our Blessed Mother told Dory that combining the Stations of the Cross with the 15 mysteries or the Rosary is saving many souls from Purgatory.

The reason Our Blessed Mother addresses Dory as "My child" during apparitions and locutions, rather than by her first name, is to reinforce that the messages Our Blessed Mother gives to Dory are for all Her children, not just for Dory.

1996 February 03, first Saturday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to prostrate herself in front of the cross located behind the 10th Station. At first, Dory felt embarrassed and hesitated, but Our Blessed Mother asked her to do it anyway.

1996 February 11, Sunday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to smile and not be sad.

1996 March 25, Monday, Home, then at The Farm

During her morning prayers at home, Dory saw a large cross in the sky and wondered about the meaning of this. During the apparition at the 10th Station at the farm, Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "My child, help My Son Jesus to carry His Cross; surrender yourself; go to confession; pray, pray more, and love one another. Go in peace, My child."

1996 April 06, Holy Saturday, Farm

At the 10th Station, Jesus speaks to Dory interiorly, "I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus speaking to you. All that My Mother has told you, and all that She will be telling you, is going to happen. I am begging you to tell the people to change their ways and repent."

Since Dory could not see Jesus, she asked Him for a sign to assure her it was really Him speaking to her. Jesus then repeated the message using the exact same words he used the first time.

1996 July 06, first Saturday at 17:30 hours, Farm

At the 10th Station, Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "My child, you accept all the sufferings you have. Remember, that all who are close to Me are also close to My Son Jesus. Don't worry, My blessings are always with you. Go in peace, My child."

1996 August 03, first Saturday at 14:45 hours, Farm

At the 2nd Station, Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory interiorly, "There is something I would like you to do for me." Dory did not know what this meant, and wanted to be sure the interior voice was coming from Our Blessed Mother. Dory privately asked Our Blessed Mother a sign - that someone might give her flowers. At the 6th Station, an unknown woman approached Dory and handed her two roses. Dory felt happy about this and was sure this was the answer to her request.

At the 10th Station, Our Blessed Mother appeared to Dory and told her She would like to give each person present that day, a blessing through Dory on September 8, 1996, at 1 p.m.. Dory implored Our Blessed Mother that she was unworthy to perform such a task, and asked Our Blessed Mother that if She really wanted her to do this to please, "touch my hands". Our Blessed Mother reassured Dory by physically touching her hands and blessing her.

Dory felt uncomfortable with the idea of relaying what Our Blessed Mother had said to those present, and discussed the message with Father Armand Proulx, who happened to be visiting the farm for the sixth time from Cochrane, Ontario. Father Proulx encouraged Dory to do what Our Blessed Mother asked, and after this Dory shared the message with all those present. Then Father Proulx blessed everyone at the 10th Station.

1996 August 04, first Sunday, at the Nottawasaga Inn, Alliston, Ontario

During the Rosary at the 4th Sorrowful Mystery, Dory begins to cry and observes the statue of Our Blessed Mother also beginning to cry. Dory feels intense sadness, but seeing that Our Blessed Mother is also crying, Dory begins to feel relief, and comprehends that Our Blessed Mother understands her suffering. Dory observes tears coming from Our Blessed Mother eyes and running down her cheeks. Dory's sadness transforms from relief to happiness.

1996 September 07, first Saturday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "Do whatever the people ask you to do for them; accommodate everyone. Let them do whatever they wish to do to you. Give My blessings to them all, both believers and non believers. And I give you My blessing My child."

1996 September 08, Sunday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother was very happy and said, "My children, this was one of My nicest birthdays. Through your prayers there were many conversions today. Also through your prayers many souls were taken into Heaven. Go in peace, My child."

1996 October 05, first Saturday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother asked everyone to say one Rosary for Her intentions on October 07 and October 13.

1996 October 07, Monday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "My children, the rosaries you are using today, please use on October 13. I am very happy and grateful for all your rosaries and prayers said by you for My intentions. Do not worry, I know each of your needs. I love you all My children. I want you all to be at peace always My children."

1996 October 13, Sunday, Farm

Jesus wants us to know that all received the same blessings even though some were late. Our Blessed Mother is grateful and thankful for all their Rosaries said for Her intentions. "Don't give up. I am begging you to continue to pray, pray, pray. Remember that it is never too late to come to Me."

1996 October 19, Saturday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother was very happy for the whole group that came to the farm today, and She will extend Her blessings to them through Dory. She would like the group to continue to pray from their hearts. "I love you all My children."

1996 October 20, Sunday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "My child, I and My Son Jesus are very happy with what your are doing. I have enlightened all your hearts and I am begging you to keep this enlightenment in your hearts in preparation for the coming of My Son, Jesus. Pray, pray, pray. Love one another. I am blessing everyone through you My child (Dory). Go in peace." Our Blessed Mother emphasized humility for each one of us. Dory prostrated herself on the ground.

1996 November 2, first Saturday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "My child, through your prayers many souls are saved. Prepare yourself for your total consecration on December 8. Come to Me. I am waiting for you. Go to Mass every Sunday. Go to confession. Receive the Eucharist. Pray the Rosary every day."

At the grotto after the blessings, Our Blessed Mother said, "Through you My child, I will bless all religious articles (on December 8), especially for those who do not have blessed candles." Our Blessed Mother emphasized to Dory to bless these articles with holy water.

1996 November 09, Saturday, Farm

Our Blessed Mother touched each one's heart at the 10th Station. Dory asked for a sign of Her presence. Our Blessed Mother said, "You will see the birds, and you will know that I am near." Then she asked Dory to remind the people of the blessing of the religious articles and candles on December 8, 1996.

1996 November 17, Sunday, Farm

At the 10th Station, Dory became visibly and emotionally upset and urgently asked everyone present to pray to St. Michael. After several minutes Dory regained her composure, became calm, and afterwards explained to everyone what had happened.

Dory explained the evil one had manifested himself to her and began to deride her about her participation in the blessing of the religious articles and candles Our Blessed Mother had asked her to perform on December 8. He questioned her authority to effect such a blessing and then began to suggest that she may be crazy for even thinking she could do such a thing. After a few minutes the evil one disappeared and then Padre Pio appeared briefly and told Dory not to give up but to "fight". Then Our Blessed Mother appeared and reassured Dory that it was in fact She who had asked her to perform the blessing on December 8. After this, Dory was much relieved and returned to her normal composure.

1996 November 23, Saturday, Home

In a dialogue with Our Blessed Mother during an evening prayer several days prior to this date, Dory asked Her if She could grant a special request. Our Blessed Mother assured Dory she would receive a special blessing and a special grace. With child-like impatience, Dory wanted to know what this special surprise might be, but Our Blessed Mother did not respond.

Later that night Dory had a dream where Padre Pio placed one of his dark brown woolen gloves into her hands,and asked her to use the glove to bless others, and to have a photograph taken of her holding the glove. This glove was one of a pair of the familiar gloves he used to wear while suffering the stigmata of Jesus. In the dream, Dory told Padre Pio that she would be grateful even for a thread of one of these gloves; and then suddenly she woke up feeling that the dream was real.

November 23 was a Saturday, and Dory had arranged to meet with Father John at the home of Dan and Sharon Berchow, in Elma New York, (near Buffalo), to have the healing spring water from Marmora blessed to be used for the blessing of religious articles and candles at Marmora on December 8th. Through a unique set of circumstances, Father John had the possession of one of Padre Pio's gloves for one year, and brought it with him to Dan and Sharon's home in New York.

Father John, not knowing about Dory's dream of Padre Pio, and prior to coming to Dan and Sharon's home to bless the water, decided to make a relic for Dory by removing a thread from the glove, placing it onto a piece of plain white paper, and laminating it with clear scotch tape. When Father John presented Dory with this relic, Dory was overcome with emotion, since she knew Padre Pio must have used Father John as the instrument to grant her desire for the thread. Father John was also amazed at this remarkable connection.

This was the special blessing and grace Our Blessed Mother promised to Dory.

1996 December 07, first Saturday, Farm

At the 10th Station, Our Blessed Mother appeared to Dory and gave this message, "My children, I know that you are waiting for Me. I am here pleading that you double your prayers, especially in this coming year. I am asking very little from you. Go to confession, attend Mass, especially on Sundays. Always love one another. Be prepared before it's too late. Be ready always. I want you all to be with My Son."

"Don't worry about the blessings tomorrow. I, your Mother, will bless you, everyone, and the religious articles. I want you always to be at peace and happy."

1996 December 08, Sunday, Farm

At the 6th Station, Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to hold her hands up when she reached the 10th Station so She could bless them prior to the blessing of the candles and the religious articles. Dory expressed concern to Our Blessed Mother that the people might not believe that it truly was She who would bless her hands, and asked Our Blessed Mother for a sign to reassure her that the people would believe. Dory routinely follows an alternate path to the 7th Station, preferring this route while the others follow the main path. When Dory asked for a sign at the 6th Station, and knowing about her preferred route to the 7th Station, Our Blessed Mother told her that when she changes direction to follow the secondary path, a young lady would step forward and present Dory with a flower. As soon as Dory turned to follow the secondary path, a young lady by the name of Diane emerged from the crowd and presented Dory with a red and white Carnation.

At the 10th Station, Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to repeat the previous day's message for everyone to hear.

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